Church Plant Bio

My name is Gilbert Plante, through a series of events, God has called me to the North End of Winnipeg to start a new church. I believe it’s God’s time to start Family Life Church in a neighborhood that has the highest crime rate in the city. The North End also has the largest Native (Indian) population in Western Canada. This particular part of the city also has the highest child poverty level in the country. The neighborhood is rampant with drugs, prostitution and gang activity. God has being preparing me for this church plant for many years. Being a recovered drug addict I’m a perfect fit to the community. My vision for the church is people getting saved, marriages being restored, and to give hope to people who believe there is no hope. This can be achieved by building solid trusting relationships, and loving those who are hard to love. My belief is all addictions are nothing more than filling an empty void in one’s life. The challenge is filling that void with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! After knocking on many doors, I find that most people are open to the fact that they need more to life than what they have now. Many communities in the city of Winnipeg try to push out the drug dealers, gangs and prostitution to other neighborhoods. The people of the North End don’t need to be pushed away, they need Jesus Christ!!! I believe that God is about to do a major restoration in Winnipeg and it starts with the most violent part of the city. We need prayer for wisdom, patience, perseverance, protection and most of all, the mighty hand of God to be with us.

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